Do you want to turn your apartment into a space for Airbnb rental? Here are a few things you need to know

Do you want to turn your apartment into a space for Airbnb rental? Here are a few things you need to know
If you've recently inherited an apartment or are buying a new house and have excess real estate, you've probably thought about renting it out. Lately, in addition to the classic long-term rental, the short-term rental through Airbnb is becoming more and more popular. Below we bring you all the most important tips if you want to turn your apartment into a space for Airbnb rental.

1. What exactly is Airbnb and is the host role ideal for you?
Airbnb is a company that has existed for more than ten years. Today, people all over the world use this platform to search for and rent accommodation. Each apartment or house has a verified host to whom guests leave reviews for better transparency. As a result, the host has to work extremely hard, both in terms of accommodation and access to guests, whose satisfaction directly affects his business. If you are not sure that you have enough time to devote to this type of engagement, you may want to consider other types and ways of renting your property. The Molo Longo group also offers real estate management services in its portfolio, so if you think you don't have time to deal with renting and want to rent your property, the Molo Longo Apartments team is at your disposal.
If time and engagement are not a problem for you, turning your property into an Airbnb rental space could be a great investment. We advise you to check the rental demand in your city or town beforehand. Of course, without interested guests as a necessary prerequisite, you will not be able to achieve the desired earnings.

2. How to become a host?
The host is actually the landlord and the person with whom the guest is in contact. Keep in mind that you will have to do your best to be as up-to-date as possible in responding to inquiries, as well as be as cordial as possible in communicating with guests. Anyone can become a host for free. Although creating an ad is free, the fee that Airbnb charges for its intermediary services is 3%. The positive thing is that this part is charged only after the reservation. If you encounter difficulties when creating an ad, you can always contact the Airbnb Help Center.

3. Assess your property and keep in mind the necessary renovations
Before you decide to create an account on Airbnb, evaluate your property in detail. The most important elements that you must keep in mind are the current state of the property and the renovation and adaptation of the space. Be aware that you will have to spend the largest amount of money on renovating the floors and walls. When you are done with this part, you can start thinking about a no less important item - decorating. You must know that the decoration is the factor that can often decide the guest's choice of accommodation.

4. Which group of guests do you want to attract?
Before you start decorating, it is important to know who you want to attract to your apartment. This is very important because it will greatly affect not only the style of decoration, but also the furniture. If your target group is a younger family, make an effort to get a quality crib for the child, fence the balcony well and decorate the walls of the children's room. On the other hand, if you have a smaller apartment in the city, intended for a young couple, decorate the apartment in a modern style to stand out in the sea of advertisements. In any case, it would be good to write down the characteristics of the guest you want to attract and arrange the space accordingly. Accordingly, you can also prepare small welcome gifts, brochures with the best restaurants and events in the area, or a map with marked places worth visiting. Because today's guest does not only want a neat and nicely decorated apartment, but also a positive and interesting experience, and your apartment can help him with that.

5. What do "additional contents" mean and are they necessary?
In addition to wi-fi network, air conditioning, towels and other necessary items, you can incorporate additional contents into your rental space. If you plan to become a Superhost, this is especially important. You can take a look at existing Airbnb apartments to get inspired. Be sure to keep in mind the target group of guests you want to attract. Additional amenities can be table football, billiards, swimming pool or kitchen appliances, as well as amenities that will make guests' stay as pleasant as possible. For example, it is not necessary for the apartment to have a jacuzzi, but it is definitely a plus, isn't it? Your future guests think in a similar way, so try to provide them with as many additional contents as possible in accordance with your budget.

6. Cleanliness,  cleanliness, cleanliness
One of the most common complaints from guests is the insufficient cleanliness of the apartment. This is something that only you can directly influence. We understand how much time housekeepers take, but if you want to be a Superhost, prepare yourself for a lot of cleaning. If sometimes you don't have time for it, we suggest you hire a cleaning service. It will certainly cost a lot less than a potential low rating and negative review.