Are you buying a summer house by the sea? Here's what you need to pay attention to

Are you buying a summer house by the sea? Here's what you need to pay attention to
If you're not from the sea and don't own a property on the coast, you've probably thought countless times how much more relaxed it would be if you bought an apartment somewhere on the Adriatic. If you have decided to take that step and are buying a summer house by the sea, this blog could help you with that. That way, you will find out in advance what you need to pay attention to before choosing the desired property.

Why is the demand for holiday homes by the sea constantly increasing?

The Adriatic coast is still one of the most popular summer vacation destinations in Europe. This alone makes it clear that not only domestic but also foreign tourists own summer cottages by the sea. Most often, we are talking about real estate right next to the coast or close enough to it. In addition to vacations, apartments on the sea are also bought to invest money. This makes current customers think about potential future earnings.

Will it pay off for you to buy a seaside cottage?
So far, it has been shown that the value of real estate on the sea - is increasing. Yes, year after year the prices are getting higher and if you are wondering if buying a holiday home is a good investment, the answer is yes. We must not ignore the current inflation, but even before it the situation was similar. However, every property requires maintenance, repairs and investment. Before you sign the sales contract, be prepared for that. Of course, this especially applies to homeowners, although investments in smaller apartments are also necessary.

Arranged documentation
Most properties on the coast have their documentation in order. However, if you fall in love with a particular house or apartment, study the valid occupancy permit, land registers and ownership papers in detail. For this step, it is good to hire an agency so that the transfer of ownership goes as quickly as possible and with minimal hassle.

How far from the sea is close enough for you?
As you can guess, the price of a house and apartment on the coast is directly related to the proximity to the sea. It is important to weigh whether it is more important for you to be in the first row to the sea, to have a few minutes' walk to the beach, or if you have no problem with a short car ride.

Is a sea view important to you?
For some, it is more important to be in the immediate vicinity of the sea, while for others it is enough to own an attractive apartment with a view of the sea. If this element is necessary for you, consider buying an apartment on a higher floor or elevated ground. In any case, you will pay less for a house or apartment with a sea view if you are a few kilometers away from the first beach than for a property on the coast without a view.

House, apartment or land...the question is now
Have you thought about whether you are only looking for a house, an apartment, or are you also considering land on which you will build a future house according to your wishes? If you haven't decided yet, you can contact us and together, bearing in mind your wishes and expectations, we will come up with the best solution.

Do you know in advance in which city/region you want to buy a holiday home?
If it is important for you to buy a property close to family or friends, your choice is somewhat narrowed. However, if you are more flexible, consider whether you want a house in a quieter area, an apartment in the center or a secluded plot of land. When you agree on this element, it will be easier for you to concentrate on choosing a potential future holiday home.

How much money are you ready to spend on a holiday home?
Finally, we come to the most important question, your planned budget. It is important to determine the budget that you are ready to spend on your apartment or house by the sea. Keep in mind all additional costs related to renovation and adaptation. When you add up all the items and put them on paper, we advise you to hire a real estate agency.

Selection of agency and agent
Our agents meet with customers and real estate on the sea every day. They are the ones who know all the tricks of negotiation, interesting locations and recommendations. Of course, with respect for your ideas, budget and conditions. Therefore, if you have already decided to buy a holiday home by the sea, contact us so that we can find the ideal place to spend your vacations together.